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Our Environmental Commitment

Mt. Hood Meadows - In It for the Long Run
100 Best Green Companies in OregonWe recognize that we work and play in a beautiful environment and are committed to operating in a responsible and sustainable fashion so future generations of mountain recreation enthusiasts may experience and enjoy this awesome mountain. As such, Mt. Hood Meadows embraces the principles of sustainable operations and development and continuously strives to take steps to become more sustainable. Consequently, Mt. Hood Meadows has established the following sustainability measures.

Supporting Clean, Renewable Energy
There is a myriad of innovative ways we are minimizing our energy consumption, including installation of energy efficient and motion-sensor activated lighting, Energy Star rated appliances and an energy management system throughout the resort.

Minimizing our Water Footprint
We are freshwater stewards. Mt. Hood Meadows Ski Resort has taken several steps to reduce our water footprint, restore area wetlands, control erosion via storm water and snowmelt runoff management systems, and through native seed collection and re-vegetation.

We have worked toward minimizing our water footprint by installing low-flow toilets as well as energy/water efficient appliances (including waterless urinals), which alone save a minimum of 285,000 gallons annually.

The Oregon Water Resources Department has some great ideas on how to save water (and money) inside your home.

Download Water Saving Ideas PDF

Minimizing our Carbon Footprint
We have a “Know Idling” policy instead of “NO!” idling to encourage responsible and appropriate idling which varies by vehicle and equipment. We promote public transportation options, provide free bus transportation for seasonal staff and are proud to share that our guests have a rate of public transit usage double of most ski resorts in the United States.

Sourcing our Restaurants with Local, Sustainable Food
Mt. Hood Meadows Ski Resort has taken many steps to minimize the environmental impact of our food service facilities and restaurants, including sourcing many items from vendors who offer locally produced, natural products. We are working hard to reduce the use of disposable food service products in favor of china/flatware/linens, minimizing the impact of deliveries with bulk purchases and wherever disposables are offering biodegradable and compostable cups and tableware from rapidly renewable resources.

LEED Certified Buildings
Mt. Hood Meadows Ski Resort has two LEED certified buildings including our Emergency Services (Gold) and the Ski Patrol Headquarters (Silver). This investment demonstrates our commitment to minimize our impact on the mountain.