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Meadows Learning Center Adaptive Lessons - We are preparing for the 2020-2021 season... stay tuned for updates!

At the Mt. Hood Meadows Learning Center, it is our goal to make snow sports accessible to people of all abilities. Adaptive Lessons through our Meadows Learning Center cater to a full spectrum of skiers and snowboarders from beginning to advanced. Our trained instructors, guides, and assistants will help you access the slopes in a safe and fun way!

Please email for more information and reservations. 

  • Adaptive products can be sold in packages that include lift, lesson and rentals, or separately in order to customize each individual's needs
  • Reservations are required at least 72 hours in advance for all adaptive lessons
  • Please complete the Adaptive Lesson Inquiry form below once you have decided on the date of your lesson. If you would like to request more than one day of lessons, please list the dates in the Other Comments section of the Inquiry form
  • Additionally, Mt. Hood Meadows may be unable to accommodate an adaptive lesson if unable to find an instructor who is appropriately trained to teach the requested lesson. So please make sure to give us as much advance notice as possible so we can accommodate your request
  • What Equipment and Lesson are Right for Me:

    Adaptive Alpine and Snowboard Lessons

    We offer adaptive ski and snowboard lesson to a wide range of abilities and special needs. Alpine and Snowboard rental equipment are available from our Rental Center. Specialty equipment such as “stand up outriggers” are available when needed or upon request.

    Bi-Ski Explanation: 

    Bi-skiing is a downhill ski technique whereby you are seated in a device attached to an articulating undercarriage, which is mounted on two uniquely designed skis. The design of the bi-ski offers a lot of stability and maneuverability and has a wide appeal to skiers with a variety of disabilities.

    Mono-Ski Explanation:

    In adaptive skiing, a mono-ski is a piece of sit down equipment that enables people to ski sitting down in a molded seating apparatus, or bucket similar to a motorcycles sidecar. The mono-ski is the most difficult piece of sit down equipment to use because it requires the greatest balance, strength and coordination.

    Three-track and Four-track (Standing with Outriggers) Explanation:

    Outriggers are pieces of equipment, resembling forearm crutches, that can help with a student's balance and timing by providing extra points of contact on the snow. Hand-help outriggers are often used for stand-up skiing to provide the student with additional support. Three and four track skiing is typically suggested for students who are able to stand on one or both legs on standard skis but may require additional balance support with the use of outriggers because of limited strength in the lower body. Three-track skiers have three points of contact with the snow, typically with two legs on standard skis and one arm using an outrigger. Four-track skiers typically have four points of contact with the snow through both legs and arms. Skiers may participate in three or four-track skiing with either natural or prosthetic limbs.

    Two-track Skiing (Standing without Outriggers) Explanation:

    Students will typically use both legs and standard skis for two-track skiing. Additional support can be provided through tethering, tip retention devices, and more. Students will also be receiving one-one-one support for any additional learning needs.

    Adaptive Snowboarding Explanation:

    A member of our team will work with participants to adapt the snowboard lesson to each individual's abilities and interests. Additional equipment, such as hula hoops, bamboo poles, and increased visual, verbal, and/or one-on-one support is also available to enhance the learning process. Stand-up outriggers may also be used during snowboard lessons to provide students with additional support.


    Lessons*  Price
     2hr Lesson Alpine/Snowboard  $40
     4hr Lesson Alpine/Snowboard  $70
     3hr Sit Ski (lesson only)  $85
     5hr Sit Ski (lesson only)  $140
     Add on Lift Ticket  $30
     Add on Rentals  $12
     Add Outrigger Rental  $5
     Add Bi or Mono Rental  $35


    Rentals*  Price
     Outrigger Rental  $10
     Bi or Mono Ski Rental  $30

    *Reservations Required for adaptive equipment and lessons