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Children's Learning Center Check-In Steps

Step 1- Arrive at our Children's Learning Center in the South Lodge at (or before) 8 AM on weekends and holidays, and 8:30 AM on weekdays for a morning lesson. Lesson check-in closes 45 minutes prior to lesson start time, 9:15 AM for the morning lesson.

Step 2Retrieve your online lesson package from center staff when you enter. Be sure to fill out your forms completely. 

Step 3- Head to Registration Desk through the queue along the back wall – this is where your child will be placed into the correct class for their ability level. Bringing in previous lesson, report cards or ability levels can be helpful.   

Step 4- Continue to the Sign-In Desk – this is where you separate from your child for the day. Sign in and receive wristband, be sure to list any special needs or allergies on sign in sheet. Your child can be signed in between 8:00 AM and 9:15 AM . We do ask that this is a peaceful separation. Please make sure if they have their own equipment that it is handed over to the indoor staff at this time.

Step 5Pick up/sign out – Must happen in Children’s Learning Center at sign-in desk. Only those with a wristband will be allowed to enter. Pick up times is at 12 PM. We will wait to let parents into the back of the ski school until after their child’s class has come back inside, to help with crowding.

Parents must enter only through the front sign-in desk, not through the back door. This guarantees only authorized parents and staff are allowed in our secure area. 

Parents should speak with instructor before leaving with your child to get a report card. Children must get signed out by parent.  All equipment will be placed on counter following the check-out station. Equipment can be used until closing, however personal gear must be removed from the Children’s Learning Center by 4 PM. Any left over personal items will be brought to concierge. Rental equipment can be returned to the Rental Center after the Children Learning Center has closed.

Post your child’s report card on the refrigerator (to show your pride) and remember to bring it back next time so we know what class to place them in!