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Meadows Loyalty Rewards Program

As a Mt. Hood Meadows passholder, purchases with Meadows earn you Loyalty Points that are redeemable for select Mt. Hood Meadows products, services or special offers.   

How the program works:

  • Once enrolled, passholders earn 20 loyalty points for every dollar spent on qualifying products and services.
  • All Mt. Hood Meadows passholders are automatically enrolled in the program for free!
  • If you do not have a season pass, you can purchase a Loyalty Card for a given season for only $25.
  • Points earned are redeemable on the following day at the resort or online.
  • Loyalty Points are non-transferable, with the exception that immediate family members are permitted to transfer points to each other as long as both parties are currently enrolled in the Loyalty Program. Points are transferred in units of 100, smaller increments cannot be transferred. 

How do I earn Loyalty Points?

  • It's easy - you earn 20 points on every dollar you spend on qualifying Mt. Hood Meadows purchases. For example, a $50 purchase would earn 1000 Loyalty Points.
  • The following purchases are excluded from earning Loyalty Points; Season Passes (or Loyalty Card), Lift Tickets (including Nordic Track Fees), Gift Cards, Oregon Snow Park Permits, Day Lockers and Consecutive Week Programs (which are already greatly discounted).
  • You can only earn points on purchases for yourself, your spouse or dependents.

Any qualifiers?

  • Points earned cannot be redeemed until the next business day.
  • No cash back when redeeming points.

What can I redeem my points for?

  • Ski & Snowboard School Products

    • 2 hour Private Lesson 22,500 points
    • 2 hour Semi-Private Lesson (2 - 5 students) 32,000 points

  • High Performance Center

    • Standard Belt Wax 1,000 points
    • Standard Belt Wax and Edge 4,900 points

  • Passholder Value

    • 1000 points = $5
    • 2000 points = $10
    • 4000 points = $20
    • 10,000 points = $50
    • 20,000 points = $100