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Avalanche Awareness

Women Ski PatrolJanuary 19

Time: 12:30 PM 
Location: White River Room at Mt. Hood Meadows
Category: Special Events

Course Description 
Introduce and explain to students where and why avalanches occur. 
Describe who gets caught and why. 
Provide a basic approach to staying safe in the backcountry. 

This course aims to educate and encourage the growing number of female backcountry travelers and serves as an introduction to recognizing avalanche danger and how to reduce the risk both in and out of bounds.

Student Learning Outcomes 
Learn to access local avalanche bulletins and weather reports.
Recognize basic signs of avalanche danger. 
Learn to avoid avalanche danger. 
Understand the need for companion rescue techniques and equipment. 

The target audience for this course are women skiers and riders who are interested in branching out from the resort into the backcountry. We recommend that, if you are already an avid backcountry enthusiast, you enroll in a multi-day avalanche course.

No required equipment is required. This course will take place indoors. 

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