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Demo Day

Spring Demo Day

March 15

Time: TBD
Location: Mt. Hood Meadows
Category: Special Events


Join HPC on March 15 for our on-mountain Demo Day! This is your chance to try out the latest and greatest from your favorite ski and snowboard companies with help from our experienced staff.

Meadows Demo Day is a great event that will help educate you on your next ski or snowboard purchase. It is a great opportunity to test ride your next ski/board, or see the new changes and technologies that you may not have had a chance to see or feel before.

Valid credit card or debit card and photo ID (Meadows Season Pass accepted) required. Parent or guardian’s signature is required for participants younger than 18 years. You can pre-register online or in person at our High Performance Center (HPC) located in the South Lodge.

**Be advised that there is the potential that we may run out of skis, and the event may be capped. Online registration is highly recommended.**


If you do not register online, you will need to do the following:

  • Fill out a demo form on our computers located in the hall next to the HPC
  • Bring your boots with you when you register so we can get your boot sole length (BSL). BSL info is usually located on the left or right side of the heel of the boot.
  • When you record your BSL, our techs will determined if your boot is in good enough shape to demo or not. if there is excessive wear and tear, we cannot let you demo equipment. You will need to demo or rent boots. Boot demos or rentals are not free.
  • Get a demo card filled out by a HPC tech. They will record your release setting and BSL and put it on your demo card. You can then head up on the snow to demo.

Tips for demoing:

  • Try gear out for a few runs and then switch to another ski or board.
  • Try testing your gear on the same runs - that way, you can feel the differences between each piece of gear on the same terrain.
  • Ask the vendor for a quick rundown on the performance of the gear.
  • Take notes on what gear you are using, and what you like/don't like
  • Don't be afraid of new shapes and technologies - sometimes they can help you get to that next level of your skiing or riding.
  • Be respectful and patient. It is a free event and it will be busy. Setting up gear does take time.
  • Don't monopolize gear: other people want to try out all the great skis and boards too!
  • Have fun!