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Town Challenge

Town challenge race series

March 9


Time: 4:30 - 7 PM
Location: Mt. Hood Meadows
Category: Races & Competitions

The Town Challenge Series is a recreational race series designed for skiers and snowboarders of all levels. The goal of the series is to provide teams and individuals the opportunity to enjoy Mt. Hood Meadows in a family friendly and recreational racing environment. Participants may race as an individual or as a team. A team consists of 6 members of any age, ability or discipline (ski or snowboard). So get your coworkers, friends and family together and head to the mountain! The Series continues on March 16 and 24.

Teams: Teams consist of 4-6 people with at least one person from each discipline (ski or snowboard).  Teams should select one member as a team captain to represent them.

To have your individual time count toward team results, team captains must email their team name and the name, discipline (ski or snowboard) and gender of each team member to Kirt Davis at  No later than 24 hours prior event day.

Registration: Advanced online registration will cut off at 8 AM the day of the event.  Registration is also available at concierge starting at the same time but ending 45 minutes prior to the start of the race.

Tickets: With registration into the Town Challenge you may purchase a ticket for the racer price of $54 for competitors only. Racer tickets must be purchased at the lodge, and are not available online.

Results: Team results will be calculated by taking the combined fastest time from two separate races from the fastest 4 team members. Each team member must race a minimum of 2 days for the times to be counted toward their team total. Individual results will be calculated by taking the fastest combined time from all three days of racing.  

Results will be announced in the finish area over a PA as racers complete the course and posted on MHM website within 48 hours after the completion of the race.

2017 Results

Name Male/  Female Ski or Board Team Name Run 1 Run
Macke, Timo M B Slick Willy's 50.45 50.75
Hwang, Matthew M B   49.86 51.42
Hawkins, Phillip M B   50.35 51.1
Peterson, Connor M B Chiefs Squad 51.52 50.27
Spillman, Cole M B   52.09 49.81
McReynolds, Ryan  M B Double MT. 54.39 51.72
Keko, Francesco M B   54.06 56.86
Halvorson, Phillip M B Blue till 2 52.66 64.86
Pat, Velten M B Everybody's 61.2 57.22
Epstein, Zachary M B   54.56 63.87
Clow, Nic M B Slick Willy's 59.7 60.19
Santarius, Robin M B Slick Willy's 62.92 58.2
David, Alan  M B Double MT. 63.99 60.09
Craven, Jeff M B   74.57 118.42
Doyle, Tucker M B   DQ 61.95
Jones, Rachel F S Blue till 2 53.31 51.43
Kastner, Ashley F S   55.02 51.97
Schmidgall, Heidi F S Slick Willy's 68.43 68.61
Anderson, Whitney F S Slick Willy's 54.27 DQ
Drozeyuk, Pavel M S Blue till 2 45.53 45.87
Dirk, Jeremy M S Blue till 2 47.1 46.12
Donahue, Kyle M S Blue till 2 47.61 46.88
Williams, Cole M S Chiefs Squad 49.38 46.24
Rajvanjhari, Evan M S   50.21 48.87
Cardinale, Derek M S Slick Willy's 50.8 48.67
Davis, Jake M S   45.3