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Town Challenge

Town challenge race series

March 23


Time: 11 AM - 3 PM
Location: Mt. Hood Meadows
Category: Races & Competitions


The Town Challenge Series is a recreational race series designed for skiers and snowboarders of all levels. The goal of the series is to provide teams and individuals the opportunity to enjoy Mt. Hood Meadows in a family friendly and recreational racing environment. Participants may race as an individual or as a team. A team consists of 4 - 6 skiers or snowboarders ages 8 and older. So get your coworkers, friends and family together and head to the mountain! 

The Town challenge is a series of three races February 22, March 8, and 23. February 22 and March 8 racing begins at approximately 4:30 PM and ends at 7 PM. On March 23 racing begins at 11 AM and ends at 3 PM. Registration is $10 per person at Concierge. The March 23 race will be a dual, head-to-head competition that will take place on Stadium.

Teams: Teams consist of 4-6 people with at least one person from each discipline (ski or snowboard). Teams should select one member as a team captain to represent them.

To have your individual time count toward team results, team captains must email their team name and the name, discipline (ski or snowboard) and gender of each team member to Chris Olson at  No later than 24 hours prior event day.

Registration: Registration is available at Concierge ending 45 minutes prior to the start of the race. Race Authorization Liability Form *For organization, league, and team/event, select "other."*

Tickets: A racer ticket may be purchased at Concierge when registering for the Town Challenge the day of the event. Night racer tickets are $29 and day racer tickets are $64.

Results: Team results will be calculated by taking the combined fastest time from two separate races from the fastest 4 team members. Each team member must race a minimum of 2 days for the times to be counted toward their team total. Individual results will be calculated by taking the fastest two combined times from all three days of racing. The fastest male snowboarder and the fastest female snowboarder will receive a complimentary seat in the Full Sail Banked Slalom on March 30. Must compete in at least two races to be eligible for the spot in the Banked Slalom.


Team Rank:
1.) Rich Gang
2.) Dr. Unk
3.) Team Fun
4.) Super King Turkey

Individual: Scott Cramblett

Fastest Snowboard, Male: Cole Heili

Fastest Snowboard, Female: Alex Pugliese


Name Gender SB/S Team Name 3/23 Fastest Run 3/8 Fastest Run 2/22 Fastest Run
100 Peter Mehrhof* M S Ol'' Whistle tips and the Powder Pups 42.73
101 Steph Mehrhof F S Ol'' Whistle tips and the Powder Pups 57.49
102 Nate Gebhard M S Ol'' Whistle tips and the Powder Pups 51.82
103 Analisse Gebhard F S Ol'' Whistle tips and the Powder Pups 59.67
104 Andy Nelsen M SB Ol'' Whistle tips and the Powder Pups 49.63
105 Travis Carratt* M S MtnHomeBeaters 22.92 28.11 41.4
106 Eli Pynch M S MtnHomeBeaters 23.23 26.87 43.62
107 Mauritzio Vonflowtow M S MtnHomeBeaters 42.38
108 Ian Daly M SB MtnHomeBeaters 46.4
109 Guz Reister* M S Rich Gang 25.59 27.44 43.07
110 Brendan Lyddon M S Rich Gang 22.54 27.42 42.27
111 Alexander 'Speed'ing M SB Rich Gang 29.55 33.3 46.01
112 Stefan Zosa M S Rich Gang 25.15 26.69 41.29
113 Kevin Lund M S Rich Gang 22.6 27.56 43.48
114 Brendan Kerr M S Rich Gang 29.06 45.28
158 Tanner Boudreau M S Rich Gang
115 Rachel Jones* F S Dr. Unk 27.12 32.05
116 Alex Pugliese F SB Dr. Unk 29.22 35.3
117 Cole Heili M SB Dr. Unk 27.96 32.39 43.81
118 Mark Gabrielsen M S Dr. Unk 22.45 45.05
119 Jeremy Dirk M S Dr. Unk 52.45
120 Kyle Donahue M S Dr. Unk 25.6 31.07 47.03
121 Peter Grimm* M S SEA2SKI 31.22
122 Eric Wezel M SB SEA2SKI 46.22
123 Abigail Marlett F S SEA2SKI 35.24
124 Ryan McCluckie M S SEA2SKI 33.85
125 JP Spearman* M SB SEA3PO 50.31
126 Amy Cripps F SB SEA3PO 46.87
127 Rebecca Littman-Smith F S SEA3PO 57.61
128 Tom Byrne M S SEA3PO 32.41
129 Casey Pitts M S Team Fun 24.01 42.92
130 Katie Kadlub F S Team Fun 27.39
131 Ashley Kastner F S Team Fun 23.35 28.16 44.32
133 Dave Tragethon M S Team Fun 31.59 36.31 56.48
143 Joe Towne M SB Team Fun 30.25 47.68
134 Doug Ellenberger M SB Everybody's Brewing
135 Shannon Kelly F SB Everybody's Brewing
136 Devyn Sullivan F SB Everybody's Brewing
137 Pat Velten M SB Everybody's Brewing
138 Tommy Kelly M SB Everybody's Brewing
139 Christine Ellenberger F SB Everybody's Brewing
142 Matthew Hurley M S Super King Turkey 27.72 46.54
144 Shane Coffey M SB Super King Turkey 28.8 47.51
145 Dan Arakelian M SB Super King Turkey 30.17 34.64 48.2
146 Jeff Ely M S Super King Turkey 25.55 29.29 44.64
152 Alex Donald M SB Super King Turkey 51.4
149 Roland Platt M S rouqe squad 43.88
150 Katelyne Knight F SB rouge squad 65.02
151 Michael Fisher M SB rouge squad 54.74
154 Andrew Russo M S Double Mountain Brewery 30.19
155 Phil Moulthrop M SB Double Mountain Brewery
156 Hames Ellerbe M S Double Mountain Brewery 29.85
157 Jeff Rapoch M S Double Mountain Brewery
159 Unknown Name M S 26.27 31.33
132 Andrew James M SB 49.87
147 Mark Brady M S 49.67
148 Mike Aldridge M SB 45.23
153 Scott Cramblett M SB 29.38 33.42 45.67