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Fall Harvest Mushroom Dinner

Mushrooms from the Mt. Hood forestsSeptember 29 - SOLD OUT (Watch for our next dinner on November 24)

Time: 5 PM
Location: Mt. Hood Meadows
Category: Summer Dinner Series

We are hosting a Fall Mushroom Harvest Dinner! You don't want to miss this meal including a five course dinner paired with beers from Everybody's Brewing! The real stars of this delicious meal are the fall mushrooms this region is so well known for!

Fall Harvest Mushroom dinner menu at Mt. Hood Meadows - for details call 503.337.2222 extension 0

Wild Mushroom Harvest & Brew Dinner

Ale Battered Sturgeon - salted malt slaw, porcini pepper chips, cornichon aioli

Paired with Local Lager

Braised Chanterelle Salad - Hood pears, rocket, hydroponic bibb, goat, smoked hazelnuts fall squash , lavender- honey vinaigrette

Paired with La Pacifique Saison

Beer and Artisan Cheese Soup - crispy peppadew, mushetta-hop toast

Paired with Sprinkles Hibiscus Red

Denver leg of Venison & Steelhead - toasted barley ragout, lardon, lobster mushroom, cauliflower mash sweet onion crunch, hop jus

Paired with Head Stash Fresh Hop IPA & Juicy AF IPA

Butterscotch Pound Cake - vanilla stout cream, cocoa-coffee morels, frosted flake


Paired with Cash Stout