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Please be aware that the current Fire Danger rating in the Mt. Hood National Forest is EXTREME. Campfires and other activities are currently prohibited. Please read the Forest Order from the Mt. Hood National Forest Service before heading out on the trails. Thank you!

Interpretive sign located at the top of Stadium (Mt. Hood in background). Photo by Josey Rice.

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10a - 5p Thursday and Monday
10a - 7p Friday, Saturday and Sunday
Closed Tuesday and Wednesday
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9:30a - 5p Monday and Thursday
9:30a - 7p Friday, Saturday and Sunday
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Featured Hike of the Week - Interpretive Sign Walkabout

Interpretive sign located at the bottom of Stadium in the base area. Photo by Josey Rice.


As the weather begins to cool down and the vine maples just begin changing color, we are heading into the final week of summer operations here at Mt. Hood Meadows, and thus, our final Meadows Mountain Update of the season. While we've now touched on all our new hiking trails here, there is one update to some of these trails that we wanted to mention.

A few weeks ago, Meadows team members installed seven interpretive signs along some of our hiking trails and in the base area to help provide insight and perspective on the ecology and history of our gorgeous permit area and the Mt. Hood region in general. Sign content and designs were developed by Meadows team members with assistance from Mt. Hood National Forest biologists, and the interpretive sign project received a Travel Oregon Destination Ready Grant with the help of the Mt. Hood and Columbia River Gorge Regional Tourism Alliance.

The signs are placed in the base area (History of Mt. Hood, Wildlife, History of Mt. Hood Meadows), along the Bear Grass Trail (Wetlands), and near the top of the Stadium chairlift (Fire Ecology, Glaciers, Volcanology). An eighth sign depicting the history and relationship of the Confederated Tribes of Warm Springs with the mountain is in production and will be added to the hiking trails when completed.

For an easy, 2.25-mile (ish) hike that will take you on a tour of the new interpretive trail signs, we recommend taking the Stadium chairlift (make sure you have your Summer Scenic Chair Ride Tickets purchased or your Summer Season Pass if you want to ride the chair) up to the Stadium Loop (#5), then head onto the Bear Grass Trail (#1), taking a right onto the Bear Grass Cutoff (#2), then finishing off the half loop by taking a right back onto the Bear Grass Trail again (#1) and following that over an access road and underneath the Stadium chairlift back down to the base area.  

Interpretive sign hike highlighted in gold.

Download the 2021 Summer Trail Map

Wildflower of the Week - Sitka mountain-ash (Sorbus sitchensis)

Sitka mountain-ash (Sorbus sitchensis) laden with berries underneath Mt. Hood Express along the Bear Grass Trail (#1). Photo by Josey Rice.

While it may push the bounds of what we might consider a wildflower, we can't help but highlight the Sitka mountain-ash (Sorbus sitchensis) for our Wildflower of the Week. A large perennial shrub that can grow up to 12 feet tall, the Sitka mountain-ash sports small white flowers in early summer, but is more notable for its brilliant red berries that appear in late summer/early fall that are an important food source for migrating birds. The Sitka mountain-ash is currently in the berry stage in the Meadows permit area, and is highly visible. Found all over the Pacific Northwest at alpine and subalpine elevations, the Sitka mountain-ash is a member of the rose (Rosaceae) family, and is closely related to the Cascade mountain-ash (Sorbus scopulina), found on the western side of the Cascades.

Upcoming Events

Since it's our last week of summer operations at Meadows, it also means it's your last chance to catch a Friday night Movie on the Deck! This week's movie is the original 1961 version of The Parent Trap. Bring your own blanket or chair if you'd like, but we'll have plenty of seating and the Paradise Grill will be open until 15 minutes before showtime (at dusk, or around 8:30 PM) for snacks. Get your tickets to The Parent Trap online in advance!

We'll also be having a Meadows Job Fair on Friday afternoon/early evening before the movie starts. Head to our Jobs page to learn more if you're interested in attending!

This weekend, we'll be closing out summer operations with two live musical performances! The first is by Jenny Lee, a folk blues singer and guitarist from Hood River, OR, who will be playing on the deck from 3-5 PM on Saturday. On Sunday, singer, guitarist, and Meadows team member Dave Tragethon will be playing on the deck from 3-5 PM, sharing his love of 70s folk, rock, and country favorites. Both shows are free to attend and we have plenty of seating!

We'll also have games on the deck, scenic chair rides, and geocaching, and our gift shop will be open too. Don't forget: we also have RV parking available, so make a weekend of it!


Events Schedule

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No resort has more night life than Mt. Hood Meadows. Wait until you see what goes on here after dark! Coming soon!

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