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More perfect weather: clear sky and light to moderate wind. Come ride Hood in the sunshine today!

Current Conditions


Top of Mt. Hood Express

Elev. 6,600 ft
14 mph

Top of Cascade Express

Elev. 7,300 ft
55 mph



Snow Depth

Mid 28" Elev. 6,250 ft
Base 10" Elev. 5,366 ft
Snow YTD
Food Truck

Lift Operations

for Saturday November 28 at 5:10 AM

Status Name Schedule Comments
Standby Buttercup 9am-4pm, Saturday and Sunday Opening at 9am
Standby Easy Rider 9am-4pm, Saturday and Sunday Opening at 9am
Closed Vista Express
Closed Cascade Express
Standby Daisy 9am-4pm, Saturday and Sunday Opening at 9am
Closed Mt Hood Express
Closed Blue
Closed Stadium Express
Closed Shooting Star Express
Closed Hood River Express
Closed Heather Canyon
Standby Ballroom Carpet 9am-4pm, Saturday and Sunday Opening at 9am
Closed Shipyard Ropetow
Surface Conditions
Hardpack snow with spots of frozen granular. Early season conditions exist. Be prepared for unmarked obstacles, and ride with caution. No uphill traffic in the Daisy/Buttercup area. Hiking is allowed in other areas of the resort.

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General Comments
Good morning! It's going to be another beautiful day on Mt. Hood today, with endless sunshine and perfect temps. It's warm enough to keep your fingers cozy in your gloves, and it's cold enough to keep the snow on the ground frozen and fun. Best of all, there's a good enough snowpack for riding! As we were skiing around yesterday looking at all the happy faces, we realized something: East Coast resorts, European resorts, and even the resorts in the Rockies have been opening with this depth snowpack forever. We were living in a different paradigm in the Northwest, but now that we know it's possible... let's be open too! We're here for you 9am-4pm today and tomorrow for the rest of preview weekend. Come on up and see what the rest of the world has known since the beginning of ski time: you don't need multiple feet of snowpack to shred. All you need is a great crew of cat drivers and enthusiastic passholders. See you up here for sunshine and snow!
Specials & Events
Tickets this weekend are $39 for adults and $29 for juniors. We have a first-timer special for adults for $49. Tickets and packages are available for pre-purchase online.
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Road Conditions
Spots of ice. Carry chains or traction tires.

Web Cams

  1. Bottom of Vista
  2. Base Area
  3. Top of Cascade
  4. Heather Canyon
  5. Top of Vista
  6. Top of Blue

Parks & Pipes

Name Comments
JIB PARK Three lines leading into the "Dog House"! Box, mailbox, picnic table, down lift tower, down bar, down flat down,"Dog House".

Parking Lots

Status Name Schedule
Open Main Lot
Standby Sunrise Lot
Closed HRM Lot

Nordic Center

9am-4pm Saturday & Sunday w/ Sahallie Falls and practice flats

Snow Phones

Hood River