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Sunshine and acre after acre of beautiful white corduroy. What a beautiful sight! We're here from 9am-9pm - come join us for some fun in the sun!

Current Conditions


Top of Mt. Hood Express

Elev. 6,600 ft

Top of Cascade Express

Elev. 7,300 ft



Snow Depth

Mid 70" Elev. 6,250 ft
Base 32" Elev. 5,366 ft
Snow YTD
LaMarcus Aldridge

Lift Operations

for Thursday March 5 at 10:36 AM

Status Name Schedule Comments
Open Buttercup 9am-9pm Opened at 8:55am
Standby Easy Rider 3:30pm-9pm, alternate to Vista Alternate to Vista
Open Vista Express 9am-3:30pm, weather permitting Opened at 8:55am
Open Cascade Express 9am-3pm, weather permitting Opened at 8:55am
Closed Daisy
Open Mt Hood Express 9am-9pm Opened at 8:55am
Closed Blue
Closed Stadium Express
Open Shooting Star Express 9am-4pm Opened at 8:55am
Closed Hood River Express Closed due to conditions
Closed Heather Canyon
Open Ballroom Carpet 9am-9pm Opened at 8:55am
Open Shipyard Ropetow 9am-9pm, As needed Opened at 8:55am
Surface Conditions
Groom is consistent and carveable hardpack. Lowest slopes are granular. Off piste is hardpack, granular and moguls. Expect softer corn snow this afternoon. Snow depths are at the stakes. Depth varies from shallow to 70". Watch for unmarked obstacles.

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General Comments
Good morning! Our sense of sight is something we often take for granted. When we open our eyes in the morning, most of us assume that we will be able to see, and we depend on our vision to get us through the day. This week is "save your vision" week in the USA (yes, it's the law). We encourage you to use sunglasses or goggles to protect your eyes from that glowing orb in the sky. It's probably wise to add a little sunblock, too. For those of you who aren't able to make it during daylight hours, we have gentler-on-your-eyes hours, with Meadows After Dark tonight - no sunglasses required. We're here for you today with a beautiful sight - quality corduroy and minimal crowds. We'll see you up here soon! We're hosting the Oregon State Championships on Shooting Star Ridge & Gemini runs today; we also have a competition on Vista Park.
Specials & Events
Spring passes are on sale now and go into effect on March 13th. Or you can buy next year's pass now and ski through the end of the season on it starting Friday, the 13th. Town Challenge tomorrow; Re-Rack Rail Jam Saturday and Oregon Cancer Ski Out on Sunday & Monday.
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Road Conditions
Roads mostly clear, watch for loose gravel. Carry chains or use traction tires - they save lives. Check for updates.

Web Cams

  1. Bottom of Vista
  2. Base Area
  3. Top of Blue
  4. Top of Cascade
  5. Heather Canyon
  6. Top of Vista

Parks & Pipes

Name Comments
Vista Heights (open when Vista is open) 2 jumps, up bar, flat bar to bonk, lift tower, Y propane tanks, flat down, wall ride, the van, hip jump.
Shipyard New rail setups! Zoo box, ledge, t-box, round bar, down bar, double barrel couragated, flat t-box to flat-down t-box, pole jam, round bar to angled down double barrel, S-rail, round bar, down-flat-down double barrel, down flat.
The Zoo Flat box, rainbow box, up-flat-down box, double barrel, flat bar, 4 jumps.
Banked Slalom 2 rollers, 7 bank turns.
Fireweed Park Fun box, mail box, 2 jumps, t-box,X-bow, down double barrel, rainbow box, jump, dance floor.

Parking Lots

Status Name Schedule
Open Main Lot
Open Sunrise Lot
Closed HRM Lot

Nordic Center

Sunrise Parking Lot has a free Nordic Loop open - bring your own gear. HRM Nordic Center is closed & waiting for more snow.

Snow Phones

Hood River
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