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And that's a wrap! Winter season has concluded, now we prepare for Summer Operations. Scenic chair lift rides, hiking and more beginning July 12th.

Current Conditions


Top of Mt. Hood Express

Elev. 6,600 ft


Top of Cascade Express

Elev. 7,300 ft




Snow Depth

Mid 98" Elev. 6,250 ft
Base 26" Elev. 5,366 ft
Snow YTD
White Stag

Lift Operations

for Wednesday May 23 at 10:57 AM

Status Name Schedule Comments
Closed Buttercup Closed Closed
Closed Easy Rider Closed Closed
Closed Vista Express Closed Closed
Closed Cascade Express Closed Closed
Closed Daisy Closed Closed
Closed Mt Hood Express Closed Closed
Closed Blue Closed Closed
Closed Stadium Express Closed Closed
Closed Shooting Star Express Closed Closed
Closed Hood River Express Closed Closed
Closed Heather Canyon Closed Closed
Closed Ballroom Carpet Closed Closed

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General Comments

Our winter season has ended, we are looking forward to Summer Operations. First, we have the Morel Mushroom & Pfriem Brewer's Dinner coming up on June 2nd, see the link below for details. Then Summer Camps begin on July 9th, and Summer Operations begin on July 12 with Scenic Chairlift rides, hiking and more! Thursday-Sunday through September 3rd.

When we are closed we will not enforce our restricted up-hill travel policy that is in place throughout the winter. Please be aware of the following:

  • There is currently no patrol or other assistance available.
  • There is no hazard marking.
  • Visitors are on their own and we strongly encourage that they go elsewhere.
  • As always sledding is not allowed (there are many other areas on Mt. Hood that accommodate that activity).
Thanks so much for joining us this winter and we hope you can come up this summer for the fun!
Specials & Events

June 2: Morel Mushroom & Pfriem Brewer's Dinner
June 22: Ninkasi Brewers Dinner at Cooper Spur
July 14: Summer Brew Fest
July 14: Star Gazing Party
July 21: Mountain Clean Up Day
July 9-12 & 16-19: Meadows Explorer Camp
July 23-26 & July 30-Aug 2: Meadows Adventure Camp
August 6-9 & 13-16: Meadows Mountain Bike Camp
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Road Conditions

Web Cams

  1. Bottom of Vista
  2. Top of Vista
  3. Base Area
  4. Top of Blue
  5. Top of Cascade
  6. Heather Canyon

Parks & Pipes

All parks & pipes are currently closed.

Parking Lots

Status Name Schedule
Closed Main Lot
Closed Sunrise Lot
Closed HRM Lot

Nordic Center

Closed for the season.

Snow Phones

503.227.7669 - updated at approximately 5:30 AM, 7 AM, 9 AM and 2 PM daily.