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We are open again tomorrow from 9a-4p!

Current Conditions

Partly Cloudy

Top of Mt. Hood Express

Elev. 6,600 ft

21 mph

Top of Cascade Express

Elev. 7,300 ft

33 mph



Snow Depth

Mid 217" Elev. 6,250 ft
Base 133" Elev. 5,366 ft
Snow YTD
White Stag

Lift Operations

for Tuesday March 28 at 4:11 PM

Status Name Schedule Comments
Open Buttercup 9am-4pm Opened at 9am
Open Easy Rider 9am-4pm Opened at 9am
Standby Vista Express 9am-3:30pm, weather permitting Storm Recovery / Wind Standby
Standby Cascade Express 9am-3pm, weather permitting Storm Recovery / Wind Standby
Closed Daisy
Open Mt Hood Express 9am-4pm Opened at 9am
Standby Blue Alternate to Mount Hood Express As needed
Open Stadium Express As needed Opened at 9am
Open Shooting Star Express 9am-4pm Opened at 9am
Open Hood River Express 9am-4pm Opening at 9am. Elk and Yoda gates open in Private Reserve
Standby Heather Canyon 9am-3pm, conditions permitting Heather was open on Tuesday Lower Canyon gates Twilight through Liftline
Open Ballroom Carpet 9am-4pm Opened at 9am
Surface Conditions
Packed powder groom up high and hardpack groom down low. Skier-packed snow off piste. Expect unmarked obstacles. Ride with a partner. Don't enter closed areas. You will lose your pass.

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General Comments
Today is a special day here at Meadows. As of 5am, we'd had 500 inches of snowfall consisting of innumerable, uncountable individual snowflakes. There are so many ways to count to 500: childlike, hailing from a base-ten culture, you'd make 50 passes across a set of ten-fingered hands. Calculating like a Maya, raised in warmer, barefoot latitudes, you'd include toes - 25 passes. If you count using the spaces between fingers, such as the Yuki do, you'd need 62.5 passes through your digits. Counting practice is fun, but experiencing 500" of compressed snow is better. Stop playing with your hundreds, tens, and ones and get up here! We'll have packed pow groom across most of the mountain, skier-packed snow and hardpack off piste, and gated terrain to satisfy your longing for incline. Base Ten doesn't really measure up today: we have 135" at the base and 218" mid-mountain. Imagine doing math with Base 135. Eek. Leave the calculator at home, and join us for a day on the slopes! See you soon.
Specials & Events

March Events
27 - 29 - 3 Day Kids Camp
27 - 29 - 3 Day Adult Camp
April Events
1 - Full Sail Banked Slalom
5 - MHM Film Fest deadline
8 - Mazotfest
8 - Scenic Snowshoe Tour
8 - Ski to Defeat ALS
15 - Suits and Boots
22 - Scenic Snowshoe Tour
29 - Sno-Kona Pond Skim
29 - Grant Myrdal Photo Workshop
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Road Conditions
Roads are bare and wet with icy areas. Carry chains or traction tires. Visit for the latest updates.

Web Cams

  1. Bottom of Vista
  2. Top of Vista
  3. Base Area
  4. Top of Blue
  5. Top of Cascade
  6. Heather Canyon

Parks & Pipes

Name Comments
Vista Park Weather Standby
Shipyard Open
The Zoo Open
The Superpipe Open
Banked Slalom Open
Forest Park Open
Freestyle Coaching Park Open
MiniPipe Open
Fireweed Park Open

Parking Lots

Status Name Schedule
Open Main Lot
Standby Sunrise Lot
Open HRM Lot

Nordic Center

9am-4pm Thursday-Monday. 15k groomed.

Snow Phones

503.227.7669 - updated at approximately 5:30 AM, 7 AM, 9 AM and 2 PM daily.