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It's snowing with moderate to strong winds. We're open until 9, come up and ride!

Current Conditions

Snow and Rain Mix

Top of Mt. Hood Express

Elev. 6,600 ft
22 mph

Top of Cascade Express

Elev. 7,300 ft
51 mph



Snow Depth

Mid 172" Elev. 6,250 ft
Base 97" Elev. 5,366 ft
Snow YTD
Big Foot

Lift Operations

for Saturday February 13 at 5:05 PM

Status Name Schedule Comments
Open Buttercup 9am-9pm Opened at 8:55
Open Easy Rider 9am-9pm Opened at 8:55
Standby Vista Express 9am-3:30pm, weather permitting As early as 9am, weather permitting
Standby Cascade Express 9am-3pm, weather permitting As early as 9am, weather permitting
Open Daisy 9am-9pm Opened at 8:55
Open Mt Hood Express 9am-9pm Opened at 8:55
Standby Blue As Needed As Needed
Standby Stadium Express 9am-9pm Wind standby at 4:11
Standby Shooting Star Express 9am-4pm Opening at 9am
Standby Hood River Express 9am-4pm Opening at 9am; PR was closed on Saturday
Standby Heather Canyon 9am-3pm, conditions permitting Opening at 9am, conditions permitting; Heather was open A-Zone down including Accordian
Open Ballroom Carpet 9am-9pm Opened at 8:55
Open Shipyard Ropetow 9pm-9pm, as needed Opened at 9:18
Surface Conditions
Groom is granular with spots of packed powder. Granular snow and moguls off the groom with a dusting of new. Avoid tree wells. Ride with a partner. Be aware of unmarked obstacles.

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General Comments
It's snowing snow so come get it while you can! We are open until 9 tonight so you can come ride freshies under the lights with us. We are planning for high winds and rain tomorrow, and have cancelled multi-week programs for Sunday. If you're feeling tough come up and storm ride with us tomorrow. We're here for you!
Specials & Events
Park and Ride runs Sat/Sun with $25 round-trip transportation to Meadows.There's a 20k skate race at the Nordic Center today, and a free avalanche awareness clinic in the main lodge. It's Live Kind weekend. We'll be open this coming Monday night with $15 tickets for the annual Shine a Light on Cancer event.
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Road Conditions
Snowy and icy. Carry chains or traction tires. Visit for the latest updates. Traction tires and chains save lives. Use them.

Web Cams

  1. Bottom of Vista
  2. Base Area
  3. Top of Cascade
  4. Heather Canyon
  5. Top of Vista
  6. Top of Blue

Parks & Pipes

Name Comments
Shipyard Bank turn, box, up flat down box, pyramid, bronto box, up rail to dog house, corrugated spine, down flat down, down woo, down bar.
The Zoo Box, flat down box, flat bar, hitching post, 2 stump taps, 2 boxes, mail box, hip, 4 jumps.
The Superpipe Hosting a competition Saturday, 2/13. Fresh cut!
Banked Slalom 2 rollers, jump, bank turn, jump, bank turn, jumps, hip.
Forest Park Down rail, box, battleship box, propane, Y-rail, down box, S-box gap, corrugated jib, van, ball, 1 jump, step down, X-bow, dance floor, 2 jumps.
MiniPipe Fresh cut!
Fireweed Park Down box, picnic table, flat down box, down rail, flat bar, flat down rail, jump, hip, 2 jumps, rollers, mail box.
Star Park Flat down, 2 jumps, 2 hips, up bar, propane tank, down rail, 2 up rails, battleship rail.

Parking Lots

Status Name Schedule
Open Main Lot Re-opened at 12:14
Standby Sunrise Lot
Open HRM Lot

Nordic Center

9am-4pm Thursday-Monday. All trails groomed. 15k.

Snow Phones

Hood River