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Meet the Groomers

Every night a dedicated team of individuals is out on the slopes of Mt. Hood Meadows, working their magic in their high-tech slope grooming machines. They pull snow back from where it shouldn't be and push it up to where it should. The snow is bladed and tilled to to a flat state on runs both gentle and steep all across the mountain, ski lifts are prepped and readied, race venues are prepared as best as the can be, Nordic trails are graded and the track-set and the parking lots are worked in conjunction with ODOT to give everyone as easy access as possible.

This work isn't easy and it is often complicated by weather and circumstances, but each member of the Grooming Crew gives it their all every night to make Your Mountain Home the best it can be for each of you.

Please say hello to the 2017/2018 Slope Groomers:

Groomer Bob S. 

Name: Bob

Years Grooming: 23

Groomer Brad R. 

Name: Brad

Years Grooming: 6

Groomer Brandon 

Name: Brandon

Years Grooming: ‚Äč1

Groomer Brett 

Name: Brett

Years Grooming: 8

Groomer Brian 

Name: Brian

Years Grooming: 3

Groomer Colin 

Name: Colin

Years Grooming: 1

Groomer Dan 

Name: Dan

Years Grooming: 4


Groomer Dave D. 

Name: Dave D.

Years Grooming: 7


Groomer Dave M 

Name: Dave M.

Years Grooming: 27

Groomer David 

Name: David

Years Grooming: 4

Groomer Donovan 

Name: Donovan

Years Grooming: 1

Groomer Floyd 

Name: Floyd

Years Grooming: 3

Groomer Jeff 

Name: Jeff L.

Years Grooming: 6

Groomer Jeff S. 

Name: Jeff S.

Years Grooming: 17

Groomer Jeremy 

Name: Jeremy

Years Grooming: 23

Groomer Jevon 

Name: Jevon

Years Grooming: 3

Groomer Joseph 

Name: Joseph

Years Grooming: 3

Groomer Josh 

Name: Josh

Years Grooming: 2

Groomer Nate 

Name: Nate

Years Grooming: 2

Groomer Rob 

Name: Rob

Years Grooming: 25