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Avalanche Reduction Operations

Avalanche Reduction Status for February 20

No avalanche hazard reduction will be in progress on Wednesday, February 19, 2020. No uphill traffic within the permit area with the exception of designated hiking routes. Thanks for your cooperation.

Designated hiking routes are:

  1. Heather Canyon Runout - Proceed uphill from the Hood River Meadows Parking Lot to the first sign just below Gods Wall.  If the sign is CLOSED exit the Mt. Hood Meadows Permit Area towards the Newton Drainage.  Please do not travel farther uphill on the Heather Canyon Runout.

    If the sign is OPEN continue traveling uphill on the Heather Canyon Runout to the CLOSED sign directly adjacent to the bottom of the Heather Canyon Chairlift.  Turn right exiting the Mt. Hood Meadows Permit Area towards the Newton drainage.

  2. South Boundary - From the main parking lot proceed uphill toward the bottom of the Vista Chairlift.   Turn left at the bottom of  Vista exiting the Mt. Hood Meadows Permit  Area.  

Ask Ski Patrol for additional information.

Mt. Hood Meadows has created this page in an effort to inform backcountry skiers and snowboarders of current Avalanche Reduction efforts within the Meadows permit boundary. Meadows uses remote delivery systems, including Artillery, for avalanche reduction. This work may be in progress at any time within the permit area. Information about current avalanche hazard reduction operations can be found on this web page, as well as by phone at 503.337.2222, ext. 1705.

Obey all posted signs and closures.

This information may change as conditions warrant so please check back for updates. Backcountry avalanche forecasts and information are available at .

Mt. Hood Meadows is equipped with the RECCO avalanche rescue system. Being equipped with RECCO reflectors can assist rescuers in helping you.